A new way to organize and optimize Facebook campaigns

On February 28 Facebook has announced that on March 4 they will begin rolling out a brand new way to organize, optimize and track advertising campaigns and their effectiveness. Since this is today, we are asking you to send us comments and feedback on any new changes you’ve noticed. If there are any actually.  

Until today Facebook’s advertising campaigns were divided in two sections – campaigns and ads. Now, Facebook has added a new, third element in this story, called “ad sets”. This means that from now on Facebook advertising will consist of 3 steps:

  1. Campaigns
  2. Ad sets
  3. Ads

How to advertise on Facebook

The idea behind this decision is to give advertisers an additional element for configuration, enabling them to target audience even more precisely, depending on goals they set.

Each campaign will from now consist of multiple ad sets, which will be defined and configured separately. Administrators will define budget, theme and schedule for each of them so these ad sets are one more step within each and every Facebook advertising campaign structure. This segmentation is giving administrators abilities to separate different target audiences within wider target groups (e.g. people who live near your store, among those who like your store in general) and to define and control budget spent on advertising for each of these smaller groups.

Each ad set will consist of multiple ads with different content (texts, pictures, links etc.) enabling admins to narrow the audience they want to address and test which ads are achieving the best results.

To learn more, read what Facebook has to say about New Campaign Structure.

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