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Like farms vs. apps’ genuine likes

Facebook has recently announced one in a row of changes regarding the structure of advertising campaigns that should significantly improve control for advertisers. Read more HERE.

Facebook is obviously trying to improve its advertising ‘system’. Maybe because Facebook ads, especially those which main intention is to drive fan page Likes, have recently been criticized. The story behind this ‘criticism’ started in 2012 when Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC technology correspondent, decided to make a small experiment in order to explore the merits of Facebook advertising by setting a bogus bagel company online. He started this online business called VirtualBagel and made fan page on Facebook to promote it (Virtual Bagel LTD – https://www.facebook.com/VirtualBagel).

Virtual Bagel

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Admins are getting more customization options with new page design?

Following the latest desktop fan page design update which is still in process of rolling out, new developments in this story have been announced by Facebook. This social network is introducing new customization options for page administrators, giving them new options to rearrange menu section bellow cover photo.

Tabs can be reorganized and even removed from visual part of the page. About tab cannot be moved or removed but all other tabs provided within this menu can be organized as admin wants.

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Skin cleverness drives more attention and leads

All megafanapps.com fan page apps are “skin-able” which means that you, actually, buy full-equipped app with ready-made design templates for the whole app background experience. You can choose, change and adjust these skins totally for free. Unique design and attractiveness of your Facebook business page tab will bring more leads and attach customers to your business easily.

Visual communication represents the leading trend in today’s business since 90% of information transmitted to human brain is visual. This means that your customers will understand your product, brand or service better if you offer them great visual content. The fact that there are more than 55 million fan pages on Facebook makes it clear that users will spend more time visiting Facebook (18 minutes on average per single visit) than going to specific business’ website where the average visit duration is much lower. According to Nielsen group the average page visit lasts a little less than a minute. Continue reading »