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Penalty Shootout Challenge 2014 – World Cup with megafanapps!

Did you know that from more than a billion Facebook users, some 500 million are soccer fans? Since World Cup is approaching fast, scheduled to take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July, soccer is “in the air” everywhere!

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Soccer always ranks as the most popular sport in the world with the most followers who play and watch the game. It is among the oldest sports games since its origin goes back 3000 years to ancient China. Soccer is so popular all over the world because everyone can play it regardless of age, wealth, gender. Just one ball, group of people split in two teams and the game can start. Soccer promotes team spirit, passion and sports rivalry with winning as the biggest pride. World Cup is the biggest sports event that unites people from all over the world, even if their country doesn’t participate, to watch, support and cheer their favorites.


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Mother’s Day Facebook Campaign Example

There are few days a year when we really have special reasons to celebrate them. One of them is definitely Mother’s Day, dedicated to those special women who are the reason why we are here, after all. We should celebrate them every day, all year long, but on Mother’s Day we are getting a special opportunity to tell them how we feel about them. A flower, kiss or simple smile is enough rewarding for them but we should go a step further in showing our appreciation for all they are doing for us each day.

In a century of social media power, we can also show our gratitude by sending special virtual gifts to our moms. Applications are, of course, the best tool available for such interesting surprises.

Mother's Day

Although Mother’s Day is around the corner, this year it falls on May 11th, you can still make a successful social media campaign dedicated to this special day.

One among many applications from megafanapps that can help you organize highly viral and entertaining campaign to enhance Mother’s Day giving mood is Gift & Winn App.

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Facebook’s F8 announcements – what is new for apps this time

After three years of pausing, Facebook held its first F8 conference since 2011 in San Francisco. For those not familiar with what F8 is, to explain shortly: F8 is conference dedicated mostly to developers and entrepreneurs which businesses have close ties to Facebook.

Facebook f8 conference 2014

Facebook has used this conference in the past to make significant new feature announcements such as the Open Graph, Facebook Login and Timeline.  As in the past, the same happened this time since Facebook used this opportunity to present new services and options coming from their ‘kitchen’.

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