World Cup 2014 “Tipping Power” – Sports Expert Tip Challenge App

Does your Facebook fan page need more Likes and crowd to cheer it up? And your stadium and sports team need more viewers?

Major sports event is on its way but you don’t have the idea how to ‘wrap’ your brand into sports spirit to promote it wider?

We have the idea!

Sports Expert Tip Challenge App

The upcoming sports event of the year is FIFA World Cup, a whole month of soccer fever, taking place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July. The whole world will gather to watch, cheer and enjoy the most important sport in the world. You must use this power wisely to promote your brand, business or sports, even if it’s not a soccer. And where can you promote your work best? Facebook, of course. Here is why…

Did you know:

  • FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United together have more than 170 million FB fans? 
  • Official NBA fan page has more than 20 million followers?
  • More than 500 million FB users are soccer fans?
  • 73 % of people use Facebook as primarily social media channel for following and discussing sports?  
  • 83 % of sports fans say they check social networks while watching games on TV or at stadiums?
  • 63 % brows sports social media sites while they’re at the actual game?
  • Nearly 7 out of 10 of sports fans who Like or follow brands on social media say they’re willing to take additional action during sports events, such as purchases, commenting on social posts or sharing brand content.

Are these numbers and data convincing enough to make you think about how can you use World Cup spirit at your fan page?

People simple love sports. It has been proved that sports is the largest consumer entertainment and media industry worldwide. And not only that people like to watch, but they like to compete! This is the reason why sports tipping is that special extra plus “feature” that spices up the whole sports experience. Tipping is very popular way of entertainment everywhere in the world because it brings excitement and is really fun way of showing sports knowledge. Together with intuition and some luck, tipping is highly contagious way of entertainment, especially if the tip is a winner! This power should be used wisely – with tipping service straight from your Facebook fan page!

Sports Expert Tip Challenge App Cockpit

Invite everyone to the game!

Sports Expert Challenge App – LIVE tipping experience directly at your fan page!   

This app is fully configurable to suit all major sports. You can organize tipping on any sport you desire:

  • Soccer/football
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Handball
  • Tennis
  • Volley Ball
  • Rugby
  • American Football etc.

Sports Expert Tip Challenge application is the best possible choice for all sports clubs or brand owners heavily engaged in supporting a sport because this application enables both live tipping from a fan page and real-time results updates, motivating people to visit your fan page and your custom app regularly.

This application will definitely help you rise your page reach in the most organic way since people will return to your page to use and re-use the app, check their results, rankings and results their friends achieved. In the same time virality level this application is giving is huge! Virality-driving loyalty feature attracts new fans and motivates the one already using this app to share links in order to win bonus points that might help them win valuable prize. Word-of-mouth advertising guaranteed!

Sports Expert Tip Challenge App Mobile

This application is mobile enabled, allowing fans to place their tips and follow results directly from their smartphones. Just post smart URL on your Timeline and watch tips pouring into your app!

Real-time dashboards, statistics and metrics give you complete overview on the number of people using the app and their tipping results.

Don’t wait, GET the app NOW!    

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