How to target the right audience from apps? With IP-based country filtering!

Imagine the situation: you have just installed new, fun, yet business oriented application on your Facebook fan page. This might be Gift&Win application, Winning Game, Quiz or even the latest from Sports Expert Challenge app. You are a small business owner or startup company, orientated locally since you are just starting your business or your work has really tight connections with your local community (you own a small restaurant or beauty salon etc.).

So, your application is live, your fan page starts to get likes and audience is growing but your work doesn’t seem to benefit from “the new guys” who are liking your page? No new customers at your restaurant or salon? And you are wondering “Why”? Well, let’s face it: people love to participate in winning games in order to win something. And it is not a rare situation to see people “hunting” fan pages with sweepstakes or any type of game with rewards. But, this doesn’t mean you should give up on applications! On the contrary – if you select the right ones: applications which enable you to target audience directly from their administration! 

IP based Filter Country

The latest feature has launched in its applications is IP-based country filtering and blocking. What does this mean? Each megafanapps application user gets unique IP address, kind of an ID, allowing administrators to see from which country this user is coming from.

Why is IP-based country blocking important feature? Because it enables you to make highly sophisticated filtering by selecting only those countries, i.e. markets you are interested for to advertise your work and services. By selecting country/ies you are interested for you can create your unique “White list” of markets and thus target public (customers, prospects) relevant to your work.

How does this work? Very simple: just select country/ies from the dropdown menu and people residing in those countries will be able to use your app and participate in the game.

IP based country blocking feature

This feature enables administrator to restrict showcasing work/services in countries he defines. If enabled, each participant`s country will be automatically detected by IP: participants not residing in the selected countries will be redirected to the default idle page. This means you are able to precisely select market / location where you are working or for which you are interested. If for instance the business you are running is locally-oriented you wouldn’t want to advertise your work worldwide but within your community / city. So, you can easily select the market where you are operating and the one(s) you are interested for. Counties you decided not to select from the list provided will automatically become restricted, meaning content within your application will not be accessible in them.

When you make your “White list” of countries, the next step in the process is to write custom text that will be visible for participants not residing in countries selected. This message will inform them their country is not on the list of countries allowed to access this application.

IP based country blocking feature


And that’s it! Just two steps toward desired results.  

Are there some “side effects” when you decide to filter countries and allow only certain to be able to use applications on your fan page? Only one. If someone who lives in the country already listed to be on your “White list” goes somewhere abroad, in some country not selected to be on this list, he will not be able to use your apps since in the moment of use he is not in the country selected to have access to your apps.

You will have to agree that such situation will not happen so often so, if you compare this “issue” with benefits achieved when using this highly sophisticated targeting system, it is clear that country filtering is great new menu item you must use in order to achieve the best possible results with applications.

This new feature will help you get the best from megafanapps applications. Just check the new one, Sports Expert Tip Challenge app, designed to bring World Cup fever onto every fan page, regardless of its theme or business type. If you use country filtering option, it will enable you to have only those fans that you really want to visit your page and submit tips.

Don’t wait, TRY NOW! 

3 thoughts on “How to target the right audience from apps? With IP-based country filtering!

  1. Sometimes it’s needed to allow visitors from other countries to access but not to participate. Having an option to define in registration forms which countries are eligible and offer them only would be a nice feature.

    1. Thank you for your comment and suggestion.
      Your suggestion is very good and we’ll take it into consideration.
      Keep reading our blog!
      Kind regards,
      megafanapps team

  2. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before
    but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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