Facebook right-hand column ads new look

Facebook announced earlier this spring that ads in the right-hand column will get a new look. The reason for changes is Facebook’s initiative and desire to improve ads values and performance in general. This is the reason why Facebook has already tested new versus old ads’ design and results proved that ads with new design got significantly higher click-through rates than the old one. Why? Well, check out the new look that will go live early next week.

Facebook Right-column ads

People reacted much better on this new design since pictures are bigger and more engaging. And, of course, if customers and prospects are satisfied so are marketers since they are getting more value for their money. But, new look comes up with certain novelties.

This is what came officially from Facebook:

“As we mentioned in April, the new format of right-hand column ads means people will see fewer ads on Facebook. So as people begin to see the new format, we’d like to share what this means for advertisers.

With fewer ads available in the right-hand column, we expect that overall competition for ad space on Facebook will increase. This means that some advertisers may see increased prices at auction. We recognize that this may be an unwelcome development for some businesses, particularly those that count raw impressions as an overall indicator of success for their campaigns. However, it is our belief that the overall value delivered through this more engaging ad format will offset any potential decreases in impressions.”

Read offical announcement to learn all about the latest changes coming from Facebook this time.



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