TOP 5 tips for Facebook fan page administrators

The hottest tips for all Facebook fan page admins – how to manage your page and get the best of it!

The hottest tips for all Facebook fan page admins – how to manage your page and get the best of it!

1. Regular posting is the key factor of success

Your Facebook fan page is your window to the world. So, use it wise. It is hard to gain audience and once you managed to do so, don’t forget it. It is well known now that Facebook reach has dropped tremendously so it is not so easy to interact with fans since it’s likely they won’t see your post in their News Feed. You must be present regularly, publishing posts few times a day or week, depending on type of business or fan page you are administrating. If you are addressing your fans only once a week or even worse, once in a few weeks, you might then consider not to have fan page at all since the one without regular content published on it is “dead”, looking from social media point of view.

2. Collect customers’ feedback and react fast on each request or question you receive

Remember: Facebook fan page is the best online customer service platform you’ll ever have!  The recent research done by Accent Marketing has shown that “82 percent of people surveyed use Facebook to speak with a customer service representative.” This study also summed up how customers use Facebook the most:

“Facebook offers a unique outlet for brands looking to move beyond traditional customer service channels. More consumers are turning to Facebook to interact with brands than any other channel, showing that they expect brands to be prepared to respond and solve customer questions and complaints. Brands looking to take advantage of this opportunity should focus on empowering social media managers to quickly and effectively listen and respond to customer concerns and issues.”

Other findings from this study say: 

  • Nearly half of all consumers (44 percent) expect a response from brand on Facebook over other social media channels;
  • Nearly half (47 percent) think that Facebook is the quickest social media channel to solve customer service issues. 

Having this in mind, be ready and prepared to react fast to answer all questions coming from your fans. Timing is crucial here since good customer service mean you are there on time! If your fan page has thousands of fans and you are receiving many requests and comments each day, you then need help in order to get it all done properly. The best way to help your self is by using great fan page management apps created to help you easily collect and control customers’ feedbacks and requests. The best social media tool available that will help you develop a direct relationship with your clients and prospects is Form Designer App from

Form Designer App

This business fan page app enables customers to contact you and inform you about some specific issue, question, problem, enquiry etc. Be available not only on your web site but on your fan page as well. Make your Customer Service deliver the best results through all channels available – let your Facebook fan page become useful Help Desk.

3. Organize quiz, run a contest or animated fan page game to trigger virallity and social buzzing

It is well known that people simple love games and competitions. If the prize is “The One”, they will willingly participate and share in order to win. This way you will also encourage engagement and rise your fan page reach and “word of mouth” marketing will do the job in the best possible way for you! Well-organized fun competition with great prizes will achieve better results than any other paid advertising! Sweepstakes apps are the category to search in order to get these fun tools that will boost your fan page reach and popularity. The latest from are Sports Expert Tip Challenge App and Penalty Shootout Challenge App.

Penalty Shootout Challenge 2014

4. Publish useful content

Facebook fan page is not only marketing tool dedicated exclusively to your brand’s promotion. Advertisments and promo texts and content will soon go “dry” and your fans will not be so interested for your page if you are offering only one type of content. Fan pages should also help people resolve certain issues and solve problems, if they have some. Don’t be afraid to share someone else’s content and update if it is highly relevant for your fans. Not only that you are not losing by “promoting” someone else, but you are actually getting more by showing you care about your audience and their needs by giving them the right content, even if it’s not yours.

5. NEVER ignore fans’ comments

Just to go back to no. 2 and to repeat: “82 percent of people surveyed use Facebook to speak with a customer service representative.”

Don’t forget this! And, as we said also, your fan page is your window to the world and your online presentation. If you are ignoring your audience and showing disrespect by not responding to their requests, how can you then expect them to respect you and come to your store or use your service? Very simple. Pay attention and nurture your leads on daily basis!

Do you agree with us? If you have some interesting tip, please share with us! 


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