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megafanapps Product Catalogue with Content Container App

Explore our #Productcatalogue and make the one for your web shop today. In just 3 steps with Content Container App:

Check out megafanapps Product Catalogue here:


Promote your product or services within your business fan page on Facebook. This is the best “product catalogue” app since it is easy to use, doesn’t require any programming or codding skills and can be set with a few clicks only.

Content Container App

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Why you MUST use megafanapps apps for Facebook fan pages?

Facebook business fan page is “a must have” feature for every serious business nowadays. The reason why it became “a must attend venue” is more than clear – Facebook is a number 1 social media platform with more than 1.2 billion users. This number speaks for itself.

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Confirmation that what we say is true is coming from the big business “influencers” which are on Facebook. Near 100 million likes for Coca-Cola fan page, more than 13 million people like Mercedes Benz and more than 30 million are fans of McDonald’s. These numbers also speak for themselves!

why should you use megafanapps apps

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All about Facebook Reach!

If you have a business fan page on Facebook we are sure you are following your page’s reach on daily basis. Why?

The reason why reach might be considered as the king & queen of Facebook probably lies in the fact that Facebook has more than a billion users, so it really is an “art” to be seen, liked and remembered on Facebook. Having in mind the fact Facebook is regularly changing features and algorithm in order to improve quality of the content displayed in News Feed, we can conclude that sometimes it seems as if you really need a magic to reach the right people.

The last big reach “surprise” from Facebook happened in December 2013 when people reported a big drop in organic reach. Actually, only pages with low-quality content faced this problem, while those doing the right thing kept their reach or saw a small drop.

The latest prognoses coming from Social@Ogilvy are saying that organic reach will hit 0 soon for the brand pages with more than 500.000 fans. Community managers should be worried because of this… But, in the same time, solutions exist. In order to understand them, let’s first understand all aspects of Facebook Reach.

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