Why you MUST use megafanapps apps for Facebook fan pages?

Facebook business fan page is “a must have” feature for every serious business nowadays. The reason why it became “a must attend venue” is more than clear – Facebook is a number 1 social media platform with more than 1.2 billion users. This number speaks for itself.

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Confirmation that what we say is true is coming from the big business “influencers” which are on Facebook. Near 100 million likes for Coca-Cola fan page, more than 13 million people like Mercedes Benz and more than 30 million are fans of McDonald’s. These numbers also speak for themselves!

why should you use megafanapps apps

All these business fan pages are posting content regularly, making interaction with fans by answering their questions and replying to their comments. We can conclude that Facebook communication does matter. If Facebook communication didn’t matter, these strong and powerful guys wouldn’t care, right?

The other very important thing you must be aware of is that your Facebook fan page offers free storage and hosting for your content (don’t mix this with Facebook advertising since adverts are different category).  Does your website hosting company provide that? The answer is more than obvious and conclusion even more obvious – Facebook is a place you must visit regularly. But in order to be noticed and Liked, just creating a fan page is not enough.

You need a clear strategy how to attract large number of visitors, convert them into fans and finally into loyal customers.

1. Why apps?

Facebook offers some very limited basic functionalities for business pages “out of the box” concept: a “Like” button, a Timeline to post content snippets like text, photos or videos and photo album to upload pictures. The “Favorite Tab” section is almost empty, besides picture preview and the “like” counter. That`s it. So, not really compelling, or?

One might think that those saying Facebook is not suitable for business and B2B sales connections are right, but number of 15 million business pages on Facebook says opposite.

Applications are the only online social media source available with embedded coupons, enabling fast redemption and instant rewarding.

Why to use apps

2. Why megafanapps applications?

Power apps accomplishing marketing and business results  

Speaking fan page administrators’ language, megafanapps.com provides unique tools and features that grow your business fast. megafanapps applications combine and deliver entertainmentplanning and management, helping you to successfully move your business fan page forward. They create and leave a professional image among your fans, entertaining them in the same time. These useful tools represent a fun way to do serious business and are proved to achieve seriously good ROI percentage and conversion rate.

Community Managers and fan page administrators really love these apps since they make their live easier and help them run profitable marketing campaigns in a serious but fun and easy way, saving them time and money. By using megafanapps applications you will witness your Facebook page developing and going from good to great to awesome! Simple to use, focusing on details, flexible and adjustable, these applications are professional, creative and can be tailored to fit into every marketing campaign.

megafanapps takes advantage of the visual nature of Facebook, making high-quality applications by combining different media assets: videos, images, sounds and animations.

3. megafanapps apps benefits

megafanapps applications are:

  • Fan-gate enabled
  • Fully responsive, optimized for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Coupon included enabling growth of revenue and sales
  • Turning “Likers” into loyal customers
  • Boosting conversions
  • Increasing fan page exposure
  • Social with 3rd party social media integrations
  • Encouraging viral sharing
  • Fully customizable to brand identity
  • Collecting high-value contact details
  • Enabling marketing activities beyond Facebook
  • Intuitive to use

megafanapps.com is helping fan page administrators grow their businesses by converting data into revenue. Fan page apps are designed to collect data from your fans converting them into real customers or clients after they’ve been offered an appealing, interesting and entertaining content. It seems as if the modern business philosophy might be defined as – Entertain to Gain.

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