Facebook App Settings Latest Update

Facebook App Settings Latest Update 

Would you be surprised if we tell you Facebook has done some changes lately? We are pretty much sure your answer is: Again?!?”

Yes, new things are coming from Facebook almost every day. We think it is not so bad as long as it doesn’t endanger fan page reach no more.

And yes, this time it is a good news for all Facebook users since the latest change “endangers” apps, but those for which we are often not so sure where and when they came from. We are speaking mostly about thousands of entertaining apps, for instance “Which drink describes you best”. People easily tend to click on such apps to enjoy funny results they get and to share them with friends making these apps highly viral. Which is fine.

But people also tend to easily forget that each app requires login process that enables access to certain personal data they’ve accepted to share with the app in order to use it.

Just take a look for yourself to see how many of these are attached to your profile which you’ve probably forgot about – https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications

So Facebook has decided to help its users by rolling out Facebook App Setting Page Update to enable people to easily control apps numbers and permission settings which empowers them to easily remove anything they think is endangering their privacy. Or because they simply don’t want to use these apps no more.

Facebook_change_ apps_settings_page 2014

Facebook_change_ apps_settings_page 1

Facebook App Setting Page Update is giving people more control over the apps they’ve attached to their profiles enabling them to easily edit each app, control the categories of information people can bring with them when they use apps (Apps other use Settings menu) and to controls the privacy of things you post using old Facebook mobile apps (Old version of Facebook for mobile Settings menu).

Facebook_change_ apps_settings_page 2

Just like any post one publishes and can decide on its privacy, each app can be edited and you can easily decide who can see it: your friends, friends of friends, public, only you or custom. Just open each app, scroll down to see all options available and deselect or edit options which are available for editing.

Facebook_change_ apps_settings_page 3

In order to see and try these changes, go to Settings menu first and then select Apps. Check all apps you have attached to your profile both Logged with Facebook and Logged in Anonymously. There you can go app per app and edit or delete each of them.

Read more about new options Facebook has enabled you with this latest update http://www.insidefacebook.com/2014/09/15/facebook-revamps-app-settings-page/

What do you think about this new options available? Do you think this will be useful for your profile safety? 


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