Facebook Media – a brand new go-to source for the best FB performances

Facebook Media – a brand new go-to source for the best FB performances 

Facebook Media is the brand new service and go-to source dedicated to those who use this social media network for marketing activities. Since the number of those who use this network to market their company, business, brand, products and services is rising rapidly each day, Facebook has once again decided to surprise them with a new site, Facebook Media, that will help them connect with their audience in the right way. You can actually read this as “the best quality way”.

Facebook Media – your new media adviser

Now, alongside Facebook for Business dedicated to advertisers looking for specific guidance and support, we have a new similar tool dedicated to members of media, public figures and different organizations (as Nick Grudin, Director of Media Partnerships at Facebook, said in its post when introducing this new service).

He also explained in this blog post what is the main goal Facebook wants to achieve with this new site:

Every day, content creators around the world — from digital publishers, to public figures, to video producers — use Facebook to connect with their audiences in innovative ways. They reach new fans, start conversations and drive discovery of new stories. In the process, they make Facebook more vibrant.

At Facebook, we are committed to building a platform to make these connections broader, richer and more dynamic. That’s why today we are introducing Facebook Media — to highlight great examples and new trends illustrating how public figures, organizations and media are using Facebook to connect with their audiences.”

Facebook is definitely putting a lot of effort in trying to keep this social network on the top and to maintain its influence by supporting and promoting quality.

This is what Facebook Media wrote in its Facebook post yesterday:

“Today we’re excited to introduce Facebook Media – a site with the latest news, best practices, and success stories to help public figures, organizations and media learn how to increase their impact on Facebook.”


So, the intention of this new site is very clear – it is dedicated to marketers and all those who are promoting their work on Facebook to help them learn from those who are already doing this job properly in order to achieve great results and make this platform even more powerful and better by offering the best content possible. This way Facebook is actually motivating content creators and community managers to be innovative by learning from the best.

Facebook Media has 3 main segments you can explore:

  1. Drive referrals to your digital properties
  2. Engage Fans on Facebook
  3. Integrate TV with social content


Facebook Media seams similar to Facebook for Business as it also presents great success stories and is teaching marketers which tactics and products work best. Here are some of the advices already there:

  1. Post frequently to attract more referrals and genuine fans. One Facebook’s internal experiment has shown that 45% rise in number of posts weekly resulted in 76% more links and 47% more fans.
  2. Use Facebook Mentions since it makes it easy for public figures to talk with their fans and each other on the go. Get it here – https://www.facebook.com/mentions.
  3. Share photos and videos to drive up engagement. Upload videos directly to Facebook to make them more visible in the News Feed.
  4. Share exclusive content such as behind-the-scene footages and happenings. Use the power of human desire to sneak into others’ lives to make your content viral and to trigger “the buzz”.
  5. Host a Q&A and get people talking to you and about you.

Strat exploring new possibilities with Facebook Media today and learn more about other new options offered by Facebook recently.

Do you like this new go-to source offered by Facebook? 

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