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Will people massively delete their Facebook profiles on December 31?

All about Facebook updates that apply from January 1, 2015

If you haven’t noticed yet, Facebook is officially informing you about updates which will start to apply from January 1, 2015. Check your Globe icon at the top blue menu bar and look if you have received notification from Facebook. If yes, click to read what will be new. We are delivering just a slice of content.


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Facebook’s New Tool – News Feed Settings

At November 7 Facebook officially announced new tools for editing and controlling your News Feed content. They presented new features created to help users easily decide which content they want to see more and which content they don’t like and don’t want to see. They also introduced a survey enabling users to give Facebook feedback on which story types they like or dislike, thus helping Facebook to tweak its algorithm in order to more smartly understand which content to push more and which to pull back. The basic idea is to give the best News Feed user experience possible which is more than fine. If we don’t mention that from January 2015 people will see less of overly promotional content posts in their News Feed, decision directly connected to results Facebook has collected from submitted surveys. Decision which has direct impact on pages’ organic reach.


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Facebook is killing organic reach – true or false?

And again we are facing novelties coming from Facebook related to fan pages’ organic reach. Facebook business pages were already struggling to organically reach fans for quite some time and now we got official confirmation about something we were already familiar with. We wrote about Facebook’s organic reach decline and fact that reality is very harsh for fan pages which are trying to communicate with their fans organically. Now Facebook came up with the latest change that once again affects Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm.


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How to raise sales from your Facebook page with Christmas Calendar App

Holiday season is coming! You must be well prepared for this time in the year since people simply love to shop for their friends and family during these festive days. This is why you should start preparations on time and select the right app to use for your Facebook fan page that will drive the most traffic to your page and provide desired results.

This is why we’ll present to you Christmas Calendar App – the best choice for your Facebook page. Here is why!


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How to transform a fan page into exclusive reservation channel with Reservation App

Reservation App is made for business!

megafanapps Reservation App is among the best Fan Page Management Tools available on the market today.


It is easy!

This great social media tool is a real-time online reservation network adjustable to fit and suit different business types – from retailers to different service industries.

Reservation App image

Reservation App is ideal for restaurants, hotels, dentists, medical services, beauty parlours, barber shops, repair services etc. All of them can use this app to make their services available through this widget. It manages the most important activities, crucial for your business: reservations and appointments scheduling. Continue reading »