How to transform a fan page into exclusive reservation channel with Reservation App

Reservation App is made for business!

megafanapps Reservation App is among the best Fan Page Management Tools available on the market today.


It is easy!

This great social media tool is a real-time online reservation network adjustable to fit and suit different business types – from retailers to different service industries.

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Reservation App is ideal for restaurants, hotels, dentists, medical services, beauty parlours, barber shops, repair services etc. All of them can use this app to make their services available through this widget. It manages the most important activities, crucial for your business: reservations and appointments scheduling.

Reservation App for Facebook

The most convenient way to sell your products and services is by giving people ability to reach you outside your store, restaurant, salon, showroom etc. and schedule their exclusive time with you without having to come to you directly to do so.

  • People are busy, working until late and often don’t have time to book their appointment directly in your office. May your customer service approach them, helping your clients get what they need in a fast, relaxed manner!
  • Reservation App enables users to schedule reservations directly from your Facebook business page. This app will help your business execute a goal – attract new customers / clients with easy-to-reserve service provided with Reservation App. In the same time it saves you both time and money on administration work done when reservations are collected and done manually, over the phone or directly in your office.

Reservation App for Facebook

Reservation App has all activities of your business under control enabling people easy and fast online reservation service through your Facebook fan page. Just one click on app’s TAB icon and few steps later email will arrive informing your clients about success of their order or eventual delay if you are overbooked, with information when to try again. As soon as reservation has been submitted, you’ll be informed, giving you enough time to check availability and respond accordingly.

  • Reservation App schedules appointments defined according to your terms and rules. Inform your clients when you have free terms and give them a chance to choose the one which is the most suitable for them.

Reservation App for Facebook

In the same time give them a chance to make their appointments with you over the phone as well and use this app as your online reservation calendar, making reservations for them. Your clients will love this giving you a chance to turn satisfied client power into the best brand advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing.

  • The world is fully mobile today. People are using their smart phones and mobile devices to do everything – including making appointments. Reservation App is fully mobile equipped, enabling your clients to reach you even when on the move.
  • Use coupon feature to give special discounts and rise revenue, boost sales and drive leads.

Track metrics and your Reservation App performance with highly sophisticated monitoring data system built-in. Use this app as additional marketing tool, easy-to-configure and even easier to use and collect new reservations to enlarge your business volume!

Ideas and suggestions how and why you should use Reservation App:

  1. Give special discounts for reservations done through your FB page: Reservation App has been designed to, among other, help businesses rise sales. One of the ways to achieve this prime goal is to give and promote special discounts in order to drive people in your office / shop. Besides writing posts informing your fans about special discount offers, you can always use coupon feature within the app to send digital voucher directly to your fans emails after they submit registration.
  2. Give monthly or yearly rewards for those who made the most reservations with you: Although this applications belongs to business apps category, you can also use it in a fun and engaging way, organizing a contest around it by giving rewards to your most loyal fans and customers. Such kind of engagement and promotion will definitely enhance peoples’ interest for you. So, be smart and combine both business and fun to achieve the best results possible. In the same time harvest the best from word-of-mouth marketing – the one proven to give best results.
  3. Offer special services, available only to those who make reservations through your fan page : The same as special discounts, special services offered exclusively to those making reservations through your Facebook fan page is great way to motivate people to approach you more through this reservation channel.

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