How to raise sales from your Facebook page with Christmas Calendar App

Holiday season is coming! You must be well prepared for this time in the year since people simply love to shop for their friends and family during these festive days. This is why you should start preparations on time and select the right app to use for your Facebook fan page that will drive the most traffic to your page and provide desired results.

This is why we’ll present to you Christmas Calendar App – the best choice for your Facebook page. Here is why!


The concept behind Christmas Calendar app is compellingly simple: your fan installs the app on his profile page and opens a new window every day of the festive season in December. Of course he can do so also on his tablet or smartphone when on the move! The newly opened window displays the daily prize, a coupon/voucher or any content of your choice! Your fan just needs to enter his contact details and submit for the day. That`s it. As the app is Facebook “tab app” with “Connect” function – all the input fields will be pre-populated after initial installation. At the registration step your fans can also sign up for your newsletter!


From a fan page administrator perspective: the Christmas Calendar app is installed and setup within minutes. With the built-in preview functionality you just design the campaign for all the 24 days within no time!


The skin gallery offers you a rich choice on static or animated ready-made designs – you just pick and choose and attach your logo for branding the app. Of course you can upload and use your custom design incl. smartphone and tablet designs! All texts are freely editable, using built in calendar view you customize any of the 24 days with your images, copy texts around the daily prizes, sweepstakes, coupons and vouchers.


With the coupon code feature you generate all sorts of coupons and vouchers of your choice. Those you deliver your fans via email or display them on their smartphone/tablet. That ability alone will drive up your redemption / conversion ratio for coupons at the PoS tremendously. As the vouchers are personal and not anonymous, you also get loads of highest quality customer contact details including opt-in for newsletter or other marketing activities. Festive season will be fantastic!

TRY NOW, 10 days free if charge and tell us what you think of it.

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