Facebook’s New Tool – News Feed Settings

At November 7 Facebook officially announced new tools for editing and controlling your News Feed content. They presented new features created to help users easily decide which content they want to see more and which content they don’t like and don’t want to see. They also introduced a survey enabling users to give Facebook feedback on which story types they like or dislike, thus helping Facebook to tweak its algorithm in order to more smartly understand which content to push more and which to pull back. The basic idea is to give the best News Feed user experience possible which is more than fine. If we don’t mention that from January 2015 people will see less of overly promotional content posts in their News Feed, decision directly connected to results Facebook has collected from submitted surveys. Decision which has direct impact on pages’ organic reach.


Today we seen a new feature appearing in the top blue bar menu called “News Feed Settings”. This tool enables you to quickly see all pages, friends and groups you’ve been following, as well as full summary of which people and pages you saw most in your News Feed in the past week. This is a great overviewing tool at hand that gives you an easy update on what’s been going on in your News Feed, enabling you to decide if you want to keep it that way or you’d like to change it.


This means that you can select pages or friends which storytelling you don’t like that much and quickly unfollow them in order to see fewer stories from them. You are not removing them, friends selected stay your friend, but their Facebook voice will be less heard in your News Feed and you can always decide to re-follow them. The same applies for pages and groups. So, unfollowing means you’re simply deciding you don’t want to see their stories in your News Feed.

In the same time this is a great way to see the full list of friends, pages and groups you’ve been connected to that enables you to manually adjusts follow/unfollow settings. So, this is a kind of filtering tool designed to help you edit the content you want to see in your News Feed.

Have you noticed this new feature yet? Try it and send us feedback what you think of it.


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