Will people massively delete their Facebook profiles on December 31?

All about Facebook updates that apply from January 1, 2015

If you haven’t noticed yet, Facebook is officially informing you about updates which will start to apply from January 1, 2015. Check your Globe icon at the top blue menu bar and look if you have received notification from Facebook. If yes, click to read what will be new. We are delivering just a slice of content.


As of January 2015 Facebook will introduce updated terms, data policy and cookies policy that will reflect new features they’ve been working on for quite some time. These updates should help people easily understand new features. In the same time Facebook will introduce improvements to ads based on online behavioral advertising that will more realistically and accurately reflect people’s online behavior outside Facebook. This means that Facebook will deliver ads based on which websites or apps you visit and use when you’re not on Facebook. Such way of ads selection, in Facebook’s opinion, is more precise since it’s based on your overall online interests.


One of the services you’ll be able to use is Privacy Basics. This interactive and visually appealing guide will help you learn all you need to know about better data and privacy protection on Facebook. Some of the issues you can ask about and learn about more are untagging, unfriending, blocking and how to choose an audience for each of your posts. Check out Privacy Basics center: https://www.facebook.com/about/basics

And not to forget very important thing Facebook is stressing here. You’ll get more control over ads. You are probably familiar with fact that even when you’ve opted out of some ads on your tablet, these ads were still appearing on your mobile. Or vice versa. This was so because Facebook didn’t allow you to control ads you see on multiple devices and browsers, so selection made applied for that specific device only. But, as Facebook says, from January you’ll get full control of ads – what you don’t want to see – and once you decide to opt out, this decision will automatically apply across all devices you use.

Check out the full article and official announcement from Facebook HERE.

If you don’t agree with these novelties, the only option you have is to delete your profile on December 31. We are sure this will not happen. Or, are we wrong? 

What do you think of these new options coming from Facebook this time? 

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