How to organize the best viral voting campaign on your FB fan page

Would you like to engage and win more fans for your Facebook fan page? Organize  creative and viral photo contest on your Facebook fan page with Photo Voting App! Images will be “Liked” and shared among fans – great word-of-mouth!

Photo Voting Standard, Advanced and Pro Edition is the app which implements your photo contests on your Facebook fan page nice and easy. You increase the attractiveness of your fan page and offer a unique and interesting content for your customers. This will be spread as word-of-mouth and make your contest viral: more fans, more return visits!

Photo Voting App

1. Overview

Attract and win more fans with creative and viral photo voting campaign on your fan page. Participants are quick and on the move, uploading photos from their smartphones or tablets. You can reach them everywhere! Also to mention the possibility of redeeming coupons at your PoS or e-commerce right after submitting the photo. Many opportunities made possible with a single app! photo voting app was developed in three different editions: standard, advanced and pro. Photo voting standard allows you full campaign configuration in a few clicks – check and complete configuration settings, customize contact form and track your campaign’s success. You can check your participants and voters separately. Many custom options are available within photo voting standard edition.

Photo Voting App images

Advanced edition has built-in fan gate option and customizable CSS (you can upload your custom design templates). Brand loyalty is built through well-recognized design as well. Make sure that your custom skin corresponds to current promotion (event); in this way you’ll attract many fans to your fan page easily. Great sharing options will motivate people to participate since you can offer them bonus points for each registration done via their link shared on personal Timelines.

Photo Voting App Winner

But, if you want to attract the constant growing Facebook mobile community, photo voting pro edition allows you to post a smart response URL to your fan page and redirect mobile participants to a photo voting campaign totally optimized for every smartphone or tablet. Bring your participants to your business easily – activate coupon (separate coupon app which can be configured for your specific photo voting pro app) and see how your participants become your loyal customers.

Photo Voting App Contact Form

Valuable contact data, manual or jury voting mode, images gallery and custom Facebook sharing opportunities make this app convenient for every occasion during the year.

Engage your fans quickly and make viral turnaround within your business Facebook fan page.

2. Ideas  how to use Photo Voting App

Combine immediate rewards with a major prize

Photo voting campaign will be even more successful if you offer many great prizes and attract fans to participate. Announce many instant awards for each e.g. fiftieth registration and one major award at the end of a campaign. Major prize photo (also major prize photo combined with immediate rewards) shall be uploaded for a specific photo voting campaign so your fans can see it on each page. In this way you can promote your new product or service, or can advertise your business sponsors as well.

Empty your excess stock during summer or winter sales

Since photo voting app is very flexible to use (along with its ready-made skins), you can configure different campaigns in order to empty your excess stock during the sales seasons. Using photo voting pro edition, give your fans coupons for great discount at your PoS, ecommerce or for a certain business service you offer. In this way you will attract more visitors (customers) to your business directly, but also help the product/service’s flow funnel regularly work.

Make your fans taking photos using your products

When at home, down town, travelling or, even better, shopping your products – motivate your fans to take picture with your product and upload it in your active photo voting campaign. Advertise great prizes for your winners and fans will use your products like never before. Promote best photos on your fan page Timeline as well and increase engagement during the campaign. Fans will like, comment and share your photo voting campaign. Many new visitors will come, like your fan page and actively participate in this exciting campaign. 

3. Benefits

  •        Configure all type of contests with this single app
  •        Mobile enabled for more “Likes” and viral buzz
  •        Rich skin gallery with ready-made designs
  •        Freely configurable contact form for quality data
  •        Great customer-created content for your wall posts
  •        Pre-integrated coupon/voucher app
  •        Unlimited number of fans (“Likes”)
  •        IP-based country filtering for precise audience targeting 

4. Features

  • Easy-to-use admin cockpit          
  • Unlimited number of fans           
  • No campaign limitation 
  • Multiple installations on same fan page
  • Advertising free               
  • White label email communication            
  • Integrated Google Analytics ID 
  • Multi-language support
  • Admin cockpit in English               
  • Facebook Social Plugins
  • Photo voting life-cycle control
  • Photo submission and approval control
  • Compressed (zipped file) picture download       
  • Voter contact form included      
  • Newsletter opt-in/out  
  • Rich skin gallery with ready-made designs           
  • Free text editing on all pages      

5. Conclusion

Provide great visual contest and get 120% more engagement than the average posting on your Facebook fan page. Photos actually account for 93% of the most engaging posts on no.1 social media network.

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