Facebook Keyword Search: easy way to search and find things on Facebook

We are already well familiar with the fact Facebook likes to change and “shake” things frequently and add new features on regular basis. So, this time Facebook came with announcement regarding Keyword Search. This is actually an update to Graph Search that allows people to search things by keywords.

As of today some of you will be able to search and find your friends’ posts, posts you liked but didn’t have time to read or watch at that moment, people, places, pictures, videos, events, apps etc. just by typing certain keywords in the search box at the top of your page. This new update is, again, based on the feedback received from the users which is great, of course. But, on the other hand we can also say that Facebook is definitely trying to enlarge its dominance allowing people to easily search and find things they want and need. But, is Facebook striving toward some of search engines’ powers? Shall we say Facebook is throwing down the gauntlet to Google?


So, what this new update brings to you? Very personalized searching power based on keywords, and powered by privacy, since things shared with friends-only will stay among friends and will not be visible to “outsiders” who are searching for similar things. Keyword search is, therefore, unique to each user and search results will first show stories your friends shared with you, while public content published by people who are not your friends will appear later. This means that stories containing desired keywords which were and still are public will also appear in search results. But, this is not something new since we all know public content is visible to anyone, including people outside Facebook.

Why is this update good? Well, majority of people who sent feedback to Facebook said they’d like to be able to easily find older posts they weren’t able to see when they were published. We all know that after we refresh the page some stories from our News Feed can disappear. Or when we see something interesting, but we can’t read it in that moment, it’s very hard to find it again when we come back to look for it. This is why Facebook decided to make search easier and more user-friendly, based on people’s true needs. And the best way to do this is by introducing keywords as the main searching “tool”, already proven to work best when searching things online. This is what Facebook is saying about this:

“With a quick search, you can get back to a fun video from your graduation, a news article you’ve been meaning to read, or photos from your friend’s wedding last summer.”



As we said previously, latest changes are introduced to meet people’s needs. As we know mobile devices are surpassing desktop PCs so it doesn’t surprise much people were asking for better search options on their mobile devices. And now they are getting a full comfort to search and find stories and interesting content on Facebook even when on the move.

To quote Facebook once more:

“You’ve also told us you need better search on your phone, so today’s updates were designed for mobile — they’ll be available on Facebook for iPhone in addition to desktop.”

For those who run Facebook business pages this update doesn’t bring anything new. It will not enable better visibility for page posts for sure since we all know Facebook is already well-established pay-to-play platform for business users and will not endanger this position for sure. So this update applies to personal posts only. At least for now.

The main conclusion is that this update doesn’t change search results.

This update changes how easy you find things when you’re searching.

At the end learn when and where these updates will come first:

“These updates will roll out this week in US English on iPhone and desktop.”

For more information about new Keyword Search, go to http://search.fb.com/ .

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