Facebook Calls-to-Action Button Available!

Is Calls-to-action button the second name for ‘peacemaking process’?  

Facebook has recently released information that fan and business pages will get a new great feature to boost their desired actions. Yes, call-to-action buttons should be the second name for ‘peacemaking process’ between Facebook and fan pages which were more than frustrated by numerous algorithm changes which actually hit pages’ organic reach. And did it really hard.

Facebook_Call_ to_ action_button

The whole story started a long time ago and went step-by-step. We fallowed the whole process which eventually led to (not so) official (yet official) announcement that Facebook will (is) no longer free social network platform for business players.

All algorithm twists and tweaks had one final goal – to clearly send message Facebook is pay-to-play platform for businesses. And that’s it!

Many things they did this year and earlier actually had good impact on network’s quality when speaking from end-user satisfaction point of view. We’ll mention just some of them:

  • better News Feed with higher quality content
  • less promotional stuff people didn’t like
  • removing click-baiting junk
  • forbidding Like-gating

But, because of all these changes Facebook pages had serious issues to deal with. Many tools they used to get audience and likes and viral effects were simply removed. And we repeat, it’s OK for all those really low-quality spam things pages misused to get only one result – fake fan numbers and reach.

But, on the other hand, fact is also Facebook started to force and is still forcing pages to pay more to reach people. Even pages who got their audience with a really good quality, useful content and actions they put a lots of effort into.

The final conclusion is pages were unsatisfied. Many. Pages doing their jobs right from the start didn’t complain much since they actually benefit from these Facebook cleansing strategy.

All those who were publishing useful content, high-quality video materials and images, ultimate guides helping people solve their problems, entertaining wisely and smartly and promoting meaningful winning games (not offering iPhone6 for a cup of coffee bought in a local coffee shop, for instance) really didn’t face too much problem.

Yes, there was some organic reach drop even for them, but in general, they stayed on top because they knew their public. Their public was their no.1 asset they cherished and people ‘paid’ these brands back with their loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing power.

But, what about all those who suffered from all the changes even though they did a good job? Or they thought they were doing a good job? Because, let’s be honest, there were pages who really had problems even though they were giving their best.

Has Facebook decided to offer a ‘peace pipe’ called call-to-action buttons? 

Well, it seems Facebook decided to offer a ‘peace pipe’ called call-to-action buttons. This option is still not available to everyone, but we’ll show you examples how it looks like and how it works.

The button appears on the cover photo, next to the Like button. Pages will be able to add specific calls to action to their pages and for now Facebook is offering 7:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Now, let’s see how this function works? 



When you click the button, you’ll get the option to select desired action (1) – from those listed bellow (there is an arrow indicating there is a selection when you click on it). When you decide which one you want, you’ll have to enter both website and mobile website URLs (2 and 3) which is logical since you want to lead people where you want them to do what you want them to do. When you finish, click Next (4).

Call_to_action_selectionHere is another look on this section.



The next window leads you to choose where to send people when they click the button on an iPhone or iPad – to a website or some of your apps (1). And then simply click Next (2).



Similar as previous one, just choose where you want to redirect people from their Android. And finally, click Create.



And, your call to action button is done! When you click Finish (1) button, you’ll be able to see results (2) to the right (CTA Clicks).



Click on CTA Clicks menu item on the right and follow results for you Call-to-Action Button Clicks.

 And, that’s it.

We hope this article helped you learn what to do or to be well prepared when this feature appears at your page.

Use it smartly!

Tell us have you seen this option yet, and if you have it already, which experiences you have?

Or, just tell us what do you think is this is a smart decision that came from Facebook? 

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