Facebook new video features on pages – Featured video & Playlists

1. Facebook new video features for fan pages are coming soon

Way back to 2013, Facebook started testing and experimenting with new video features for fan pages and all options and advantages which can come out from this valuable media. Or, as they called it in one of their official blog posts from Facebook for Business:richer storytelling format for advertisers.”

Really brilliant definition what videos can actually become if used smartly. In marketing purposes. Facebook started testing easier ways to watch videos in News Feed way back in September 2013. And all this, of course, was done with one main intention they always like to stress somehow (sometimes even directly – they just want to improve the quality of UX and provide the best quality service to all – business and ordinary users). And this is, of course, more than OK. Especially if this platform has more than a billion users.


Not to make this intro too long, Facebook started working on richer storytelling format for advertisers. And they officially announced it and explained it in details in December 2013.

So, as the story developed, in June 2014 they again informed us about something new coming from their “laboratory”. We’ll just quote what they said in this official post announcing those novelties:

“We want to ensure that marketers interested in awareness, affinity and brand lift have even better tools to build creative brand experiences for people on Facebook.”

So, they announced they’ll expend some video capabilities, following the introduction of video metrics and Premium Video Ads and all this to enable marketers new ways to reach and engage people with their standard ads. Just great! But, what this actually meant? Well, Facebook introduced us to their official decision to launch new video advertising capabilities with post-view CTA buttons to enable building the right audience who really wanted to watch and watched videos for later targeting and re-targeting marketing actions.

2. Is Facebook declaring war to YouTube?

And now we are coming to the main part of the story. You already know Facebook simply doesn’t want to stop and they want to expend and improve whatever they can. Famous Facebook updates we are following regularly on our blog. But all these changes and upgrades can also lead into a kind of a ‘declaration of war’ situation if you are entering into competitors’ zone. And now we can say something like this is happening because this time Facebook is ‘fighting’ with YouTube (read Google).

Facebook recent release of video ads proved that this social network has decided to really focus on videos. So now they are going a step further with releasing a new video features for fan pages which will allow fan page admins to organize a real video playlists on their pages. With one great option as a winner – possibility to choose a featured video which will be displayed in an extra-large format at the top of the page. These new options have already been released and can be seen on the ABC News Facebook Page.

Do you maybe see some similarities with YouTube? Yes, we are sure you do. So, the latest update coming from Facebook, confirmed to TechCrunch as well, consist of:

  • ‘Featured Video
  • ‘Playlist’



Playlist section will be placed below the main video and will have thumbnails giving information about video length, views, likes and other important data, if there are some.  All this came  up from Facebook’s internal surveys which showed that people really like to upload, share and watch videos directly on Facebook, which gave clear signals to marketers that this is a ‘golden nugget’ they must use.

As this clearly became so obvious, Facebook, of course, did what they always do when they see something they can use to improve their offer. They started going down the road we can call ‘added value’. Or adding value. In this case with videos as main resource used to upgrade quality offer. Because with this new video options they are showing they definitely want to incentivise people to use Facebook not only as a fun platform to connect with friends and brands, but as their main go-to-source for everything.

And this is where we are entering into the real ‘combat zone’! Facebook vs. YouTube (again, read GOOGLE). But this time they are also challenging TV channels as well as TechCrunch  mentioned in their article about this. So, is this another ‘enemy’ at the sight? The latest update regarding this video options is still not available to all. As usually, it will be rolled out in the next few weeks and all page admins will get this new possibilities at their pages. Notification will be seen underneath the cover photo. It will look loke something like this:



With the most important information coming from the real ‘bakers’ – but social ones. Yes, we are speaking about Socialbakers who came up with the results from the research which showed that Facebook videos are winning the game and starting to lead the game. Just to quote:

“It’s official: instead of sharing YouTube videos, brands are now uploading more videos to Facebook directly.”

If you want to read more, and you definitely will want to know exactly what’s been going on, read it in this great article published by Socialbakers recently.


What do you think about this new options for videos and did you get them on your fan pages?

If you have them please share your experiences with us – good, bad or ugly?

Looking forward to your feedback and insights. 

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