Native Facebook videos have the highest reach – it’s official now!

We recently wrote about changes Facebook started to introduce from 2013, which were all related to one thing – videos. And they all led to what we are witnessing now – native Facebook videos becoming the best organic reach generators!

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced Facebook’s Q4 2014 report showing some really interesting information especially about videos, saying that Facebook now reports 3+ billion video views on Facebook. PER DAY! Last November he even said that in 5 years most Facebook content would be video which is clearly true when we look at the numbers published in this last Q4 report.


We also quoted in our article what published about the rise of FB videos which all definitely led to what has been now officially confirmed by as well – native Facebook videos reach more fans than any other post type!

After many researches done on the subject of the power of visual content and fact that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is VISUAL and that our brain process such information 60,000 times faster and more effectively than text, images came first in the line to become the main visual social media trend to be used to drive more engagement and rise reach. And again wrote about this and found out that even 75% of all content brands published last year had an image involved. Because photo posts were driving major engagement – even 87%.

And as usual this trend was twisted and many started to use images as a bait to serve link in caption hoping that attractive image will drive people to click more on the link leading…. Where? Maybe to some content that has something to do with the used image, but maybe somewhere where some cute puppy doesn’t fit at all. For instance.

And, of course Facebook realized quickly what’s been going on and soon they announced they will favor more posts using native links and images displayed this way over huge attractive images leading …. Somewhere… So things started to change.

And now, according to the latest research done by photos are still the most common post type but now they are least effective. It’s no wonder things has changed knowing how long photo posts were dominant on Facebook. The only surprise we might consider as surprise is fact how fast photos as the most frequent and most used post type have lost their power.

We are now witnessing a new trend rising fast – videos. Although images are still ruling the Facebook and videos are still not so dominant – yet – when compared it is clear that although there are less video posts, their effectiveness is much bigger than the one coming from photo posts. So now we have interesting situation that even though images are still most used to create posts on Facebook, they are less effective and now they take the last place among other post types: link, status and videos.

In order to illustrate what’s been going on here, we’ll just quote socialbakers’ post:

“Photos have actually become the post type least likely to reach audiences, while videos are much more likely to do so. That’s a 135% increase in organic reach, on average, when you post a video instead of a photo.”

This doesn’t mean that you should give up on photo posts because if you now start publishing low-quality videos just because the trend tells you to do so, you will achieve absolute 0.

Photo posts will still get good engagement and reach if they are great and really touch the audience as well as poor videos will get nothing just because they are “videos” and they are now “fashionable”.

But, it is good to know things are changing and going in new direction.

Just some fresh air on our News Feeds.

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