Multiple Choice Quiz + App – put your fans to the test!

Multiple Choice Quiz + presents text, images, video, animation and sound in an integrated way enabling administrators to create complex yet entertaining campaigns that will elicit strong user response. Broad range of interactive media exhibit dynamic content through videos, pictures, animations etc. providing high virality level due to entertaining impact on people. Be THE buzz word of the day! 

1. Overview

This is a versatile application, fully customizable to your brand identity. A unique tool for interactive and engaging quizzes that drives customer acquisition on social media. Available while on the move, it enables people to participate and reach your quiz any time, any place on any device. Fully mobile enabled, Multiple Choice Quiz + fits into any screen!

Multiple Choice Quiz + enables you to use your Facebook fan page to organize exciting, fun and highly viral campaigns by mixing and matching dynamic content – videos, images, animations – to ask different questions and offer answers using the same rich media assets.

Multiple Choice Quiz + App

This application goes beyond any other social media application available since it enables you to not only ask interesting questions but to have interactive answers as well. Multiple Choice Quiz + is the best social media tool available for brand storytelling. Create quiz with multiple questions joined with audio-video content (pictures, video, advertisements, tutorials, behind the scene footages etc.) all related to your brand. In the same time text questions and textual answers are available for use.

Multiple Choice Quiz + App

Be the brand everyone talks about. Organize catching quiz with multiple answer questions. Let your fans read, watch and listen your questions while answering in the same manner. Multiple Choice Quiz + is no-limit application enabling you to choose any media type to ask questions and provide answers. It has no limits in numbers – you can ask as many questions and offer as many answers as you want. It is a highly flexible application offering all tools necessary to make interesting and fun quiz while promoting your brand.

Organize different quiz types such as “Right/wrong” quiz with points given to right answers only or “Guessing” or “fuzzy” quizzes where each answer has some value, defined by administrator.

Multiple Choice Quiz + App

Multiple Choice Quiz + is the best social media tool available for brand storytelling. Create quiz with multiple questions joined with audio-video content (pictures, video, advertisements, tutorials, behind the scene footages etc.) all related to your brand.

2. Ideas how to use Multiple Choice Quiz +

To collect contact details to organize marketing campaigns outside Facebook 

Multiple Choice Quiz + is a really great way to collect the most valuable “treasure” – your fans contact details. You are the one who has the possibility to configure the contact form and define which data you need so you are able to build the best possible base for future marketing campaigns you want to carry out outside Facebook. We are speaking about Email marketing, Newsletters, SMS marketing and even sending printed materials to customers’ addresses if this is something that works for you. Multiple Choice Quiz + gives you ideal opportunity to convert fans into customers!

Quiz your fans on their knowledge of your brand

Have fun with your fans while assessing how much they know about your products, services and brand in general. Ask them a question and provide multiple-choice answers for them to choose from. Test their knowledge and collect valuable information what your fans are most interested for and what they know least about your work in order to improve and provide valuable information.

Organize trivia, test, sports etc. quiz type and link it to your website

Themed multi-choice quiz is excellent playground for brand promotion and exposure since you can ask questions about your products and services even within other quiz types while linking the quiz with your main online property – website or ecommerce site. All options are there – just choose, mix, match and ask.

Make original online promotion for your brand new product

If you have just launched or are preparing to launch new product, Multiple Choice Quiz + is great opportunity to get original feedback from your fans. Make original online promotion showcasing images and videos and asking questions to collect customers’ feedbacks.

3. Benefits

  • Rapid brand exposure and recognition  
  • Increase Newsfeed visibility & time spent on your FB page
  • Grow and engage FB audience
  • Broad range of dynamic content included – videos, pictures etc.
  • Easily exportable data base
  • Highly-entertaining multi questions/answers campaigns    
  • Generate buzz, “Likes” and shares
  • Built-in loyalty feature for multiple quiz campaigns
  • Insights dashboard with live statistics and metrics
  • Smart URL microsite access for mobile experience
  • Pre-integrated digital coupon app for instant rewarding
  • Generates highest quality contact details – enables marketing activities outside Facebook (Email marketing, Newsletters, SMS marketing…)
  • Enables highly viral campaigns by organizing trivia or test quizzes, using logo to brand the app
  • Simple to setup and configure 

Multiple Choice Quiz + App

4. Features Overview

  • Easy-to-use cockpit in English
  • International friendly – time-zones adjustments               
  • Guest mode participation or FB connectivity
  • Maximum attempts / participants number configuration
  • Text / image / video question configuration
  • Text / image / video answer configuration
  • Timer to pre-set answering or general quiz duration
  • Leader board and ranking settings
  • Multiple-level campaigns
  • Easy to edit & clone each quiz
  • Multiple installations on same fan page   
  • Advertising free
  • White label email communication
  • Integrated Google Analytics ID
  • Insights dashboard
  • Real-time statistics and metrics
  • Social Media Plugins
  • Customizable contact form
  • Online media storage                            
  • Newsletter opt-in/out     
  • Help & support
  • Built-in user manual
  • Rich skin gallery with ready-made designs          
  • Free text editing on all pages     
  • Easy export of fan data into csv             
  • Custom skins and designs                                             
  • Microsite access          
  • Pre-integrated coupon / voucher app  

Multiple Choice Quiz + App

5. Conclusion

This application will help you rise product-awareness in the most engaging way– through competition. It also enables you to provide customers with highly individual experience due to random question feature, providing different yet same quiz each time they participate.

Multiple Choice Quiz + is feature-rich, intuitive and versatile in capabilities, easy to use and even easier to configure due to high-flexibility and adaptability. It triggers sharing, e.g. virality and social buzz around your page, business, product and brand in general.

It will help you differentiate from your competitors and monetize you efforts. The path visitor-fan-customer has never been easier for traveling!

TRY NOW and tell us your impressions! 

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