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Find out all about megafanapps applications for Facebook pages

How to use Facebook fan page apps after new design

We explained in our previous articles all important things about the latest changes coming from Facebook. And we also explained in details all important aspects one needs to know regarding new design for both News Feed and business fan Page.

We will now summarize the story by referring to Facebook fan page apps, showing you main differences between their look and feel before and after new Page design. We will also give you tips how to solve certain difficulties emerging after new design introduction. Continue reading »

Report a new bug on Facebook!

The latest details in Facebook Page new design story have just emerged – Facebook has a bug when applications are used on pages with new design!

In the case the application has a Fan Gate embedded (as majority), when visitor clicks on the “Like” button, nothing happens. Visitor stays on the same page. He is not redirected to the next step/page. He needs to manually reload the page in order to see the content following Like gate page. We hope this is a bug that will be fixed soon. In order to achieve this, apps developers should report this issue here – https://developers.facebook.com/x/bugs/trending/

But, more serious problem detected is this: ”The parameter app_data is missing in signedRequest.”

Facebook bug

Complains have started already so check and test if you got the access to the latest page design.

Since these issues are emerging, we definitely recommend you not to apply to the waiting list provided to speed up the process of getting the new design on your page, before all of them are solved.

You might seriously endanger applications on your page! 

Tab Apps with images are officially back

It has been officially confirmed we were right when we said yesterday Tab Apps have won a jackpot with the latest Facebook page timeline design. Tab Apps with images are back to stay! It makes sense since applications are a professional way of promotion on Facebook and the best solution available for businesses to collect personal data from their fans in order to convert them into customers.

If this is so, it really didn’t make no sense to remove these tools and disable businesses to use them for future promotions and advertising. Decision to change design layout from the one presented on Monday to the one rolled out yesterday has definitely confirmed the importance of applications for Facebook fan pages.  

Is Facebook Page new design better than before?

The answer is – yes!

And we will explain you why.

It seems as if Facebook really likes playing hide-and-seek with its users! Big announcement on Monday regarding the new Page design has shocked many administrators and page managers. Facebook presented a new look for corporate pages, changing the appearance for both Page administrators and Page visitors/fans. The new look has been presented as a more “streamlined” one. Facebook stated their main intention with these changes is to help admins easily find tools they use the most by highlighting some additional features inside Admin Panel, such as information about running ads. Continue reading »

Tab Apps have just won a jackpot with the latest changes!

After days of speculations and different opinions on the latest design updates, Facebook has finally rolled out new Page Timeline and put it in action on its Facebook for Business Page.

In the last few days many were speaking and speculating on the future of Custom Tabs. When Facebook announced on Monday Pages will get a new look, similar to personal profiles, screen shots provided have shown us Custom Tabs were missing. Visually at least, since the new layout features five textual page tab links (Timeline, About, Photos, Videos and More) but Custom Tabs, as they were presented previously, were missing. The first reaction was shock but Facebook spokesman explained that apps are there but will from now on be a part of the More menu with a drop down. Continue reading »

Tab Apps are alive and kicking!

Following recent Facebook’s updates on new Page design introduced on Monday, buzz around Tab Apps and fact that from now on these features will be placed under the More menu is not calming down.

Although Facebook stated their main intention with these changes is to “help Page admins find the tools they use most”,  it seems that Page managers are most concerned about the lack of Tabs.

Tab Apps

Continue reading »

Facebook organic reach reaches 0?

We have previously informed you that Facebook News Feed is getting new design and we said that new look will not influence marketers efforts and advertising side of Facebook. But…

The latest information published by Social@Ogilvy predict dramatic changes that will hit big brand pages soon. We are speaking about huge and serious drop of organic reach, which is predicted to even hit 0 in the nearest feature!

Brands' Organic Facebook Reach Drop

Continue reading »

megafanapps Video Quiz App establishes in a real world campaign

Look how the real world campaign for megafanapps.com video quiz app looks! Pretty amazing! Try now 10 days for free and configure the best video quiz campaign – smart URL for mobile access and coupon redemption on site!

If 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, then you must have uploaded at least one? Still, YouTube visitors are not familiar with your brand in this deep worldwide video ocean?

Then you should wrap your dusty and lonely video around a great quiz! Video quiz app from megafanapps.com app market ensures conversion from visitor into fan and creates great word-of-mouth around your business or a brand. Video Quiz App is among the best Facebook sweepstakes apps.    Continue reading »

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