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Native Facebook videos have the highest reach – it’s official now!

We recently wrote about changes Facebook started to introduce from 2013, which were all related to one thing – videos. And they all led to what we are witnessing now – native Facebook videos becoming the best organic reach generators!

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced Facebook’s Q4 2014 report showing some really interesting information especially about videos, saying that Facebook now reports 3+ billion video views on Facebook. PER DAY! Last November he even said that in 5 years most Facebook content would be video which is clearly true when we look at the numbers published in this last Q4 report.


We also quoted in our article what socialbakers.com published about the rise of FB videos which all definitely led to what has been now officially confirmed by socialbakers.com as well – native Facebook videos reach more fans than any other post type! Continue reading »

Facebook will expose ads Relevance Score

We all know that Google AdWords has Quality Score as one of their main ‘tools’ for checking the quality of ads served to their users. By checking keywords and landing pages triggered by selected keywords, Google evaluates ads from 1 to 10 and the higher the score is, the better the ad is. Logical. This is actually checking the quality of user experience because if user really got what he wanted when he clicked the ad, than this ad is successful and relevant. And good. And has higher ad position and costs less. Easy.


And now Facebook marketers will get something like this called “Relevance Score”. Again because Facebook’s main intention (as usual for everything they update) is to improve ads quality. Facebook is also using algorithms to calculate ads value and depending on these results they serve best ads and set right prices. The same logic as Google – the better the ad is its price is lower and it has higher relevancy resulting in better positioning. Continue reading »

Facebook new video features on pages – Featured video & Playlists

1. Facebook new video features for fan pages are coming soon

Way back to 2013, Facebook started testing and experimenting with new video features for fan pages and all options and advantages which can come out from this valuable media. Or, as they called it in one of their official blog posts from Facebook for Business:richer storytelling format for advertisers.”

Really brilliant definition what videos can actually become if used smartly. In marketing purposes. Facebook started testing easier ways to watch videos in News Feed way back in September 2013. And all this, of course, was done with one main intention they always like to stress somehow (sometimes even directly – they just want to improve the quality of UX and provide the best quality service to all – business and ordinary users). And this is, of course, more than OK. Especially if this platform has more than a billion users.


Not to make this intro too long, Facebook started working on richer storytelling format for advertisers. And they officially announced it and explained it in details in December 2013. Continue reading »

Facebook Calls-to-Action Button Available!

Is Calls-to-action button the second name for ‘peacemaking process’?  

Facebook has recently released information that fan and business pages will get a new great feature to boost their desired actions. Yes, call-to-action buttons should be the second name for ‘peacemaking process’ between Facebook and fan pages which were more than frustrated by numerous algorithm changes which actually hit pages’ organic reach. And did it really hard.

Facebook_Call_ to_ action_button

The whole story started a long time ago and went step-by-step. We fallowed the whole process which eventually led to (not so) official (yet official) announcement that Facebook will (is) no longer free social network platform for business players. Continue reading »

Facebook Media – a brand new go-to source for the best FB performances

Facebook Media – a brand new go-to source for the best FB performances 

Facebook Media is the brand new service and go-to source dedicated to those who use this social media network for marketing activities. Since the number of those who use this network to market their company, business, brand, products and services is rising rapidly each day, Facebook has once again decided to surprise them with a new site, Facebook Media, that will help them connect with their audience in the right way. You can actually read this as “the best quality way”.

Facebook Media – your new media adviser

Now, alongside Facebook for Business dedicated to advertisers looking for specific guidance and support, we have a new similar tool dedicated to members of media, public figures and different organizations (as Nick Grudin, Director of Media Partnerships at Facebook, said in its post when introducing this new service). Continue reading »

All about Facebook Reach!

If you have a business fan page on Facebook we are sure you are following your page’s reach on daily basis. Why?

The reason why reach might be considered as the king & queen of Facebook probably lies in the fact that Facebook has more than a billion users, so it really is an “art” to be seen, liked and remembered on Facebook. Having in mind the fact Facebook is regularly changing features and algorithm in order to improve quality of the content displayed in News Feed, we can conclude that sometimes it seems as if you really need a magic to reach the right people.

The last big reach “surprise” from Facebook happened in December 2013 when people reported a big drop in organic reach. Actually, only pages with low-quality content faced this problem, while those doing the right thing kept their reach or saw a small drop.

The latest prognoses coming from Social@Ogilvy are saying that organic reach will hit 0 soon for the brand pages with more than 500.000 fans. Community managers should be worried because of this… But, in the same time, solutions exist. In order to understand them, let’s first understand all aspects of Facebook Reach.

Continue reading »

Facebook right-hand column ads new look

Facebook announced earlier this spring that ads in the right-hand column will get a new look. The reason for changes is Facebook’s initiative and desire to improve ads values and performance in general. This is the reason why Facebook has already tested new versus old ads’ design and results proved that ads with new design got significantly higher click-through rates than the old one. Why? Well, check out the new look that will go live early next week.

Facebook Right-column ads

Continue reading »

Like farms vs. apps’ genuine likes

Facebook has recently announced one in a row of changes regarding the structure of advertising campaigns that should significantly improve control for advertisers. Read more HERE.

Facebook is obviously trying to improve its advertising ‘system’. Maybe because Facebook ads, especially those which main intention is to drive fan page Likes, have recently been criticized. The story behind this ‘criticism’ started in 2012 when Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC technology correspondent, decided to make a small experiment in order to explore the merits of Facebook advertising by setting a bogus bagel company online. He started this online business called VirtualBagel and made fan page on Facebook to promote it (Virtual Bagel LTD – https://www.facebook.com/VirtualBagel).

Virtual Bagel

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