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Facebook launches mobile Like button for Android and iOS app developers

The first time developers got a chance to see mobile Like button was in April this year at Facebook f8 developer conference. But now Facebook has officially rolled out the Like button for all Android and iOS mobile app developers.  This means that people will be able to directly like app’s page or some other Open Graph object within the app. The reason for going live so soon is, as Facebook said, fact that developers were asking for this feature for quite some time. So, Facebook decided to listen and employ the idea.


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People-based marketing and cross-device marketing done by Facebook

Facebook has decided to challenge Google for real! The latest announcement coming from Facebook says they are launching a new version of Atlas ad platform, acquired by Facebook last year from Microsoft. What does this mean and why are we saying that Facebook is challenging Google?

Well, as stated in blog post informing us on this latest update, Atlas ad platform has been completely rewritten and redesigned to not only get a new interface but new abilities as well. And these new abilities are those that are challenging Google’s AdSence seriously.


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Facebook App Settings Latest Update

Facebook App Settings Latest Update 

Would you be surprised if we tell you Facebook has done some changes lately? We are pretty much sure your answer is: Again?!?”

Yes, new things are coming from Facebook almost every day. We think it is not so bad as long as it doesn’t endanger fan page reach no more.

And yes, this time it is a good news for all Facebook users since the latest change “endangers” apps, but those for which we are often not so sure where and when they came from. We are speaking mostly about thousands of entertaining apps, for instance “Which drink describes you best”. People easily tend to click on such apps to enjoy funny results they get and to share them with friends making these apps highly viral. Which is fine.

But people also tend to easily forget that each app requires login process that enables access to certain personal data they’ve accepted to share with the app in order to use it.

Just take a look for yourself to see how many of these are attached to your profile which you’ve probably forgot about – https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications

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New Facebook Page Look starts NOW!

So, this day has arrived! It is official: all Facebook fan pages will get the new streamlined look until the end of this week!

Earlier this week Facebook has announced that this social media platform now has 30 million active small business Pages worldwide! The number is rising really fast and yesterday Facebook officially announced information regarding new Page design and when it will apply to all pages presented on this media platform.

Before and After
Before and After

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Facebook’s F8 announcements – what is new for apps this time

After three years of pausing, Facebook held its first F8 conference since 2011 in San Francisco. For those not familiar with what F8 is, to explain shortly: F8 is conference dedicated mostly to developers and entrepreneurs which businesses have close ties to Facebook.

Facebook f8 conference 2014

Facebook has used this conference in the past to make significant new feature announcements such as the Open Graph, Facebook Login and Timeline.  As in the past, the same happened this time since Facebook used this opportunity to present new services and options coming from their ‘kitchen’.

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Admins are getting more customization options with new page design?

Following the latest desktop fan page design update which is still in process of rolling out, new developments in this story have been announced by Facebook. This social network is introducing new customization options for page administrators, giving them new options to rearrange menu section bellow cover photo.

Tabs can be reorganized and even removed from visual part of the page. About tab cannot be moved or removed but all other tabs provided within this menu can be organized as admin wants.

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Facebook acquires Oculus. Virtual reality becomes Facebook reality?

After Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp this year, a new company is joining Facebook “family”!

Facebook announced yesterday they reached a definite agreement to acquire Oculus VR, Inc., the leader in immersive virtual reality technology, for a total of approximately $2 billion. Oculus VR is famous for producing the Oculus Rift, virtual reality headset.  

Facebook acquires Oculus
Is future coming faster than we think?

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Facebook gives new details about the latest page design

New one-column Timeline page look is in the process of being rolled out and fan page administrators and marketers are still not giving up from asking questions how these changes will affect their pages. Amongst many, 5 questions have singled out as the most frequently asked. Facebook decided to give additional explanations and to answer the hottest questions coming from those having a business page or from those managing such pages.

NOTE: Take a look at original screenshots from the page with new timeline design. We are showing you differences between OLD and NEW look!

Admin Panel - Before and After new desing roll out


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How to use Facebook fan page apps after new design

We explained in our previous articles all important things about the latest changes coming from Facebook. And we also explained in details all important aspects one needs to know regarding new design for both News Feed and business fan Page.

We will now summarize the story by referring to Facebook fan page apps, showing you main differences between their look and feel before and after new Page design. We will also give you tips how to solve certain difficulties emerging after new design introduction. Continue reading »

Report a new bug on Facebook!

The latest details in Facebook Page new design story have just emerged – Facebook has a bug when applications are used on pages with new design!

In the case the application has a Fan Gate embedded (as majority), when visitor clicks on the “Like” button, nothing happens. Visitor stays on the same page. He is not redirected to the next step/page. He needs to manually reload the page in order to see the content following Like gate page. We hope this is a bug that will be fixed soon. In order to achieve this, apps developers should report this issue here – https://developers.facebook.com/x/bugs/trending/

But, more serious problem detected is this: ”The parameter app_data is missing in signedRequest.”

Facebook bug

Complains have started already so check and test if you got the access to the latest page design.

Since these issues are emerging, we definitely recommend you not to apply to the waiting list provided to speed up the process of getting the new design on your page, before all of them are solved.

You might seriously endanger applications on your page! 

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