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Facebook is killing organic reach – true or false?

And again we are facing novelties coming from Facebook related to fan pages’ organic reach. Facebook business pages were already struggling to organically reach fans for quite some time and now we got official confirmation about something we were already familiar with. We wrote about Facebook’s organic reach decline and fact that reality is very harsh for fan pages which are trying to communicate with their fans organically. Now Facebook came up with the latest change that once again affects Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm.


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All about Facebook Reach!

If you have a business fan page on Facebook we are sure you are following your page’s reach on daily basis. Why?

The reason why reach might be considered as the king & queen of Facebook probably lies in the fact that Facebook has more than a billion users, so it really is an “art” to be seen, liked and remembered on Facebook. Having in mind the fact Facebook is regularly changing features and algorithm in order to improve quality of the content displayed in News Feed, we can conclude that sometimes it seems as if you really need a magic to reach the right people.

The last big reach “surprise” from Facebook happened in December 2013 when people reported a big drop in organic reach. Actually, only pages with low-quality content faced this problem, while those doing the right thing kept their reach or saw a small drop.

The latest prognoses coming from Social@Ogilvy are saying that organic reach will hit 0 soon for the brand pages with more than 500.000 fans. Community managers should be worried because of this… But, in the same time, solutions exist. In order to understand them, let’s first understand all aspects of Facebook Reach.

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Facebook organic reach reaches 0?

We have previously informed you that Facebook News Feed is getting new design and we said that new look will not influence marketers efforts and advertising side of Facebook. But…

The latest information published by Social@Ogilvy predict dramatic changes that will hit big brand pages soon. We are speaking about huge and serious drop of organic reach, which is predicted to even hit 0 in the nearest feature!

Brands' Organic Facebook Reach Drop

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