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Facebook is killing organic reach – true or false?

And again we are facing novelties coming from Facebook related to fan pages’ organic reach. Facebook business pages were already struggling to organically reach fans for quite some time and now we got official confirmation about something we were already familiar with. We wrote about Facebook’s organic reach decline and fact that reality is very harsh for fan pages which are trying to communicate with their fans organically. Now Facebook came up with the latest change that once again affects Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm.


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Rooms – Facebook’s newest mobile app

Facebook’s creative team announced on Thursday the newest mobile appRooms. This app is now available for iOS in the US, UK and some other English speaking countries. Here is what Facebook said about this new app:

“A room is a feed of photos, videos, and text – not too different from the one you have on Instagram or Facebook – with a topic determined by whoever created the room. Early users have already created rooms for everything from beat boxing videos to parkour to photos of home- cooked meals. There’s even a room called ‘Kicks From Above’ that showcases photographs of cool shoes in cool places.”


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Facebook allows fan page admins to save draft posts


Something new from Facebook again.

And this time something really exciting. Our previous article refer to other new thing admins will simply love – Facebook Post Attribution – which is a big deal, especially if someone is managing multiple business pages on Facebook.

And now we hear some page admins are reporting they have a brand new feature – possibility to write and save draft of posts for their pages!


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Facebook Post Attribution is here – how to post as your business?

Facebook Post Attribution makes it easier for you to switch between using Facebook as yourself or as a page you manage. If you are administrating multiple fan pages, this feature will definitely be among your favorites since now you can easily decide how you want to comment, like and share posts, from which account will you share it and on which account you will share, and all this directly from each individual post.


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Facebook Safety Check has been launched!

In times when so many disasters are happening on our planet, from natural ones to so many conflict zones bursting almost every day all over the planet, safety is one of the most important and precious things nowadays. Since we live in the era of internet and online communication that tends to connect people wherever they are, social media got one very important role we will call personal information providers”. During harsh times, when bad things happen, like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, plane crash etc. people are turning to social media to check on their friends and family. Because social media are the best place that connects people and can send the message where and when needed.

And in such hard times, the most important question is: “Are you safe?”  

As the most powerful social media network, Facebook has decided to provide new tool that will help people communicate the most important information during these critical moments, which is safety status. This tool is called Safety Check and is created to enable people to send message they are safe and check on their loved ones if they are somewhere where crisis are happening.


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Facebook allows stickers in comments – fun or annoying?

Well, a new surprise has just ‘landed’ at Facebook!

Yes, dear friends and Facebook users, Facebook is now rolling out stickers, a popular messaging feature commonly used in a personal communication through messages only, to post comments as well. What does this mean? Just open your Facebook account, find one friend’s post and click on a smiling face at the bottom right in the comment box and watch what will happen.


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Facebook bans Like-gating on November 5 – will this affect fan pages?

One of the update coming from Facebook caused stress for some Facebook fan page admins for sure. On August 7 Facebook officially stated and confirmed that like-gating will be banned from November 5.

Why we say this information caused stress for “some” fan page admins and marketers? Because not all of them were using applications for collecting new fans ONLY and only those who were using fan page tab apps in these purposes ONLY should definitely be worried after this latest announcement from FB.

Let’s explain why?


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Facebook’s Audience Network is now available worldwide

Facebook first announced its Audience Network on its f8 developer conference held in April this year in San Francisco. This mobile ad network attracted lots of attention since its main purpose, as said and explained, should be to enable marketers to utilize Facebook data to reach and target customers beyond Facebook. Since Facebook really has the best ad targeting capabilities this new mobile advertising platform was more than welcomed. And now finally Facebook officially said that this Audience Network is available to more marketers in the world.

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Facebook launches mobile Like button for Android and iOS app developers

The first time developers got a chance to see mobile Like button was in April this year at Facebook f8 developer conference. But now Facebook has officially rolled out the Like button for all Android and iOS mobile app developers.  This means that people will be able to directly like app’s page or some other Open Graph object within the app. The reason for going live so soon is, as Facebook said, fact that developers were asking for this feature for quite some time. So, Facebook decided to listen and employ the idea.


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