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How to target the right audience from apps? With IP-based country filtering!

Imagine the situation: you have just installed new, fun, yet business oriented application on your Facebook fan page. This might be Gift&Win application, Winning Game, Quiz or even the latest from megafanapps.com Sports Expert Challenge app. You are a small business owner or startup company, orientated locally since you are just starting your business or your work has really tight connections with your local community (you own a small restaurant or beauty salon etc.).

So, your application is live, your fan page starts to get likes and audience is growing but your work doesn’t seem to benefit from “the new guys” who are liking your page? No new customers at your restaurant or salon? And you are wondering “Why”? Well, let’s face it: people love to participate in winning games in order to win something. And it is not a rare situation to see people “hunting” fan pages with sweepstakes or any type of game with rewards. But, this doesn’t mean you should give up on applications! On the contrary – if you select the right ones: applications which enable you to target audience directly from their administration! 

IP based Filter Country

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