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Facebook right-hand column ads new look

Facebook announced earlier this spring that ads in the right-hand column will get a new look. The reason for changes is Facebook’s initiative and desire to improve ads values and performance in general. This is the reason why Facebook has already tested new versus old ads’ design and results proved that ads with new design got significantly higher click-through rates than the old one. Why? Well, check out the new look that will go live early next week.

Facebook Right-column ads

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How to achieve marketing success on Facebook

Did you know that total number of Facebook pages is more than 50 million, of which 25 million are Facebook small business pages? (Source: insidefacebook.com). Some 2 billion connections have been established between local business and users and, what is the most important for you to know, 52% of marketers have found a customer via Facebook.

If you are among those who are having your business fan page but are not sure how to conduct a right marketing campaign, we are going to help you start thinking in the right direction – how to achieve marketing success on Facebook.  

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